Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will delivery take?

A. We aim to ship your order as soon as possible, our normal delivery time is 2 to 5 working days (mainland UK). Please note that deliveries will normally be made between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday and for larger items must be signed for. If unable to deliver the carrier should leave a card giving delivery options, however you can always give a different shipping address if you so wish (i.e. neighbour, work, relation, etc) where a person would be available to sign and take delivery.

Q. What weight of bowling ball should I use?

A. We would recommend that you use the heaviest ball that you can comfortably manage over your normal number of games without getting tired.

Q. What hole sizes are in the Standard Drilling Option?

A. The Standard (Houseball) Sizes that we use for drilling bowling balls are listed below. These sizes should equate houseballs that are marked Small, Medium, Large, etc but it is possible that houseball sizes may vary from these.
Note: Span is measured from the base of the thumb to the second joint (from tip) of the middle finger.

Extra Small:
- Thumb size 18.5mm (23/32") Approx. Ring Size Q + ½
- Finger size 16mm (5/8")
- Span 64mm ( 2½")

- Thumb size 20mm (25/32") Approx. Ring Size U
- Finger size 17.5mm (11/16")
- Span 73mm (2 7/8")

- Thumb Size 21.5mm (27/32") Approx. Ring Size Y
- Finger size 20mm (25/32")
- Span 80mm (3 1/8")

- Thumb size 24.5mm (31/32")
- Finger size 21mm (13/16")
- Span 86mm (3 3/8")

Extra Large:
- Thumb size 26mm (1 1/32")
- Finger size 22.5mm ( 7/8")
- Span 89mm (3½")

- Thumb size 28mm (1 3/32")
- Finger size 23mm (29/32")
- Span 89mm (3½")

Q. Why do I have to use special bowling shoes?

A. In order to generate some momentum on the bowling ball you need to walk up and then slide as you deliver the ball, having shoes with a sliding sole allow you slide smoothly without sticking. The shoes also help to protect the approach area of the lane.

Q. My bowling centre lets me bowl in street shoes, so why would I want bowling shoes?

By using your street shoes you will not be able to slide as you deliver the ball, this means that you will not be able to bowl the ball as smoothly down the lane as somebody that slides as they bowl. Not using bowling shoes means that they will be a good chance that you are off balance as you release the ball and will not be able to generate as much speed and/or control of the ball. One of the ways to generate some speed on the ball is to increase the pace as you walk up and then slide as you release the ball, if you do not slide you risk stopping abruptly and falling over. Bowling has developed this way over the last 100 years, it is a shame that some UK bowling centre operators have ignored this fact.

Q. Why are some shoes right handed?

A. Most bowling shoes will have sliding soles on both feet, so that these can be used by both left and right handed bowlers. Some shoes are marked as either Right Handed or Left Handed, these shoes have a sliding sole on one shoe and a traction sole on the other and are only suitable for the players who use the same hand as the shoes (Right Handed shoes only suitable for Right Handed players, etc). A right hand player would slide on his left foot and so this is the shoe that would have the sliding sole.

Q. The shoe size on the box is different from the size I ordered ?

Please note that all Dexter/Storm/Brunswick shoes are sized in US sizes.
On the box (Men's shoes) is an English size conversion which is 1½ sizes smaller than the US size. This conversion is incorrect.
We work on the accepted basis that a Men's UK size is one size smaller than the US size, therefore if a UK 8 is ordered we will send a US 9 although the box will say ENG 7½.
On Ladies shoes the correct conversion is shown.

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