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Bowling Balls

Online Catalogue |  Bowling Balls

Bowling Balls - SPECIAL OFFERS

All Special Offer bowling balls are in stock ready to be shipped. Check out the 16lb section for some cheap bowling balls.

Polyester Bowling Balls

This type of ball is good for beginneers and for more experienced bowlers looking for a ball to pick up their spares.

Urethane Bowling Balls

The next step up from polyester, offers more hook potential. Is now often used when more aggressive coverstocks are hooking too much.
Storm Pitch Black now available.

Reactive Bowling Balls

Reactive bowling balls range from having a mild (low hook potential) reaction to a strong (high hook potential) reaction.

Secondhand and Plugged Bowling Balls

Some Bowling Balls in this section have had any holes drilled in them plugged.
If labelled as used they will have been plugged and refinished but may still show signs of use.
All pictures will be of the actual ball for sale.


This section is for information only. These products are no longer available.

Online Catalogue |  Bowling Balls

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