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Bowling, How To Master The Game - Parker Bohn III

Bowling, How To Master The Game - Parker Bohn III

Ref: BB-11


Parker Bohn, Dan Herbst, Brunswick Corporation
Copyright 2000
160pp ISBN: 0789304945, 9780789304940

The most definitive guide to the sport of bowling, this book is sure to take your game and your average to the next level.

Parker Bohn III, the 1999 Professional Bowlers Association Player of the Year, clearly explains everything you need to know in order to shoot your maximum potential--from equipment, mental preparation, and practice regimens to stroke lines, spare conversions, and strategies for different lane conditions. Written for the beginner as well as the advanced bowler, the book features more than thirty detailed computer-generated lane diagrams that show the best paths to the pocket for both left and right-handers. Plus, a preface richly illustrated with vintage photos takes a fascinating look back at how the game came to be one of America's most-loved pastimes and how it is fast gaining popularity around the world.

Parker Bohn III reveals the secrets to success including:
how to exploit the technology of ball composition and drilling
the basic skid-roll-hook strike shot's trajectory and pin carry
recommended foot positions and targets for splits and spares
how lane conditioner (oil) and its breakdown affect your shots
pro-proven strike line strategies for conquering difficult land conditions
how to pinpoint problems and develop customized practice sessions
pointers for building a rock-solid mental approach
plans for reaching the college, amateur, and pro levels

You'll learn how to achieve perfect form in a skills section with photos showing how to position yourself at each step in the delivery:
starting stance
wrist positions

Brunswick pro contributers include all-time favorites and new stars:
Mike Aulby
Chris Barnes
Cindy Coburn-Carroll
Johnny Petraglia
Mark Roth
Kim Terrell
Tammy Turner

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Online Catalogue |  Bowling Books

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